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Trudeau against O’Toole in key leaders’ debate

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces potential defeat in September 20 elections as the polls show his opponent Erin O’Toole’s Conservative Party has a chance of winning the election and ending six years of Liberal rule.

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Justin took to making his opponent look weak and incompetent in a key leaders’ debate on Thursday, 9th September. Trudeau called the vote two years early as a referendum on his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. This might backfire for him as polls show the chances of a potential defeat.

Nonetheless Trudeau tried his best to weaken O’Toole’s position by rounding several times on O’Toole, who has had trouble making himself known to Canadians since taking over his party a year ago.

While Trudeau called out O’Toole for having an extremist agenda and not caring about important topics like climate change, O’Toole guaranteed the people that he will clean up after a corrupt, incompetent and spendthrift Trudeau government.

In a sarcastic remark Trudeau said, “The problem with Mr. O’Toole and his principles is, he says all the right sounding things and he’s working on reassuring everyone that he’s right there as a strong leader, but he can’t convince his candidates to get vaccinated”.

Darrell Bricker, chief executive officer of Ipsos Public Affairs, said he did not see anything from Trudeau or O’Toole that would change the direction of their campaigns. “When he (Trudeau) did try to go at O’Toole it came off as very hot and frantic. O’Toole wasn’t a huge factor tonight but that’s OK,” he said by email.

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