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Technocrats or Electorates?

These discussions are circulating around the globe as well as in Pakistan at media and public forums, that is it a right choice by PM khan to replace elected representatives with technocrats for his cabinet?
Let’s examine this topic inside out. In the light of point of views of both sides. People from the opposition raising the questions like, isn’t it unfair to replace non elected people with the chosen ones by the common man of Pakistan?….Another question is being raised over the time from opposition especially Bilawal Bhutto Zardari- Co chairperson of PPP, towards treasury benches that, in the name of putting technocrats into power nepotism has been done by the “selected PM” as he pronounces him often. And the honor of vote of people of Pakistan is on question.
An opinion found in opposition parties that ministries should be lead by the elected representatives of people of Pakistan.
It is observed in some of the leading democracies of the world that, where it is presidential form of government the state is lead by the president where as most of the secretaries are usually technocrats.
There are also several arguments present in the defence of their narrative by the governmental authorities. According to them it’s not new in the world that Chief executive of one country has chosen technocrats in his cabinet. They say that many of the leading democracies have technocrats in their cabinets.
The opinion found in treasury benches, that their government will do everything that will be in the interest of the country. And it is in the interest of country to appoint officers that will work more efficiently. They justify their argument in many ways.
An opinion is also found that the elected representatives are not functional because they do not have sufficient amount knowledge according to their ministries. And the ministers often rely on secretaries and civil officers to make ministries functional. Which is extremely inefficient with respect to results. And they give many reasons for that. The foremost reason given by them is that the bureaucracy is engulfed by the corruption. Which leads ineffective role of government in the betterment of the state.
Yes, assemblies and the parliamentarians are the actual representatives of the public but anything in the interest of state could be done as far as it is not deviating from the constitution. It’s just a start for the “tabdeeli sarkar”. Lets see what changes time shows in this reign of “tabdeeli”.

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