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Learn to Dialogue by FAROOQ BALOCH

Vibrant vector illustration is showing a teacher and adult students in the middle of the process of facilitating learning. On the bottom part of the illustration there are students and teacher; above them there are different speech bubbles randomly filled with different elements/icons related with education, learning and teaching. Those elements are: light bulb for new knowledge and ideas; gears and wheels for thinking and processing; question mark for questioning; magnifying glass for looking the right solution or to look closer to the problem; brain for thinking and intelligence; speech bubbles for communication ect. Illustration is nicely layered.

It’s erroneous to deny the existence of differences, but it could be a blessing if difference of opinion furnish a base for learning & research, and it’s important to promote the attitude of “Dialogue” in the presence of differences. Give intelligent arguments and rational aphorisms. The erudite questions should be raised by adopting the habit of meditation so that more people can become partners in the reach of the truth.

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But today, it’s epoch of deviation and aberration from the alley of arguments and debate. The sources of Disclosures and Leaks are social media and the Internet. In addition, these “revelations” and astonishing “information” are gleaned from the discussion of newspaper columns and electronic media journalist actors. The weird scenario is that it’s now obligatory to re-tweet & share every tweet and post, without analysis, which strengthen one’s sect, view, stance or ideology and even it is also written below that if you don’t share further then your faith will be in danger. The fact that if anyone becomes aware of mistake, personal ego makes the matter more worse. This is the way when the wrong things and lies slowly gain the status of “truth”, while reality dies under the pressure of columnists, anchors and social media.

“Yes, I know all this well, and I have a detailed knowledge in this matter”, this is the general sentence of the discussion today. If a question is raised on the “detailed knowledge’s” source, then a Facebook post or a “bright conscience” columnist or anchor is named. The other day, someone was in mode to slur the Liberals and posted, “Liberals such as Stalin and Mao are the murderers of millions of people.” Certainly, shocked, I asked “who told you that Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong were Liberal?” In response, a popular Facebook Religious “Page” was named and I came to know that many people surmise that. I thought it was appropriate to keep my mouth shut and imprecated myself why I kept myself tired of reading books, and putting black circles around my eyes. Is it not unfortunate?

Today, we all pursue and hunt the prepared history, developed rationale and concocted research so that we can cram it all over to live in a “stress less manner”. Even to heed the perspective of others, instead of reading the books of original authors, we like commentary books of our favorite people in the text, and do not really like to look at the original text. Apart, it isn’t possible for those people to find an answer of “Anti Thesis” who have only swotted their support material. Finally people lose their arguments, intensify in the debate and start abusing, which results in worse, mentality becomes more patchy and sketchy. Our society dominates such mind-makers who work for specific groups and talk only for the propaganda of their ideology. It becomes a part of their habit to forward every statement relating to their ideology without analysis. Then, reference to reference and discussion to discussion, such big groups are created where individuals accept each other’s opinion uncritically for verification and affirmation, and take it as inevitable for their ideology. In this trash box, instead of listening to the true scholars, a theater of objections and accusations is set. More fun, the videos and writers, chosen to get ‘information’, are also representative of this specific thought, so imagine how much wish of research will be intense.

Perplexity, ignorance and intolerance are encouraged by not elevating knowledge and thinking in society. In such situations, stepping up for the organizations and people is becoming very easy who suppress and harm the opponents. In recent arrests and investigations, it has been revealed that “highly” educated youth have been involved in such extremist acts. Accordingly, education and knowledge are not just the name to read, write and get certificates from institutions. I’m not discouraging to get information from the Internet and such sources, but I’m encouraging to at least to verify them from trustworthy sources. And if any argument is broached, it shouldn’t be “jettisoned” promptly, but if there is no access to the origin of these references, then it should be asked to the person to present further information so that comparative study be reawakened.
Such a comparative thinking can lead to real research, and intolerance can be replaced by Dialogue. Let’s Learn to Dialogue.

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