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News: Ecosystem Restoration 2021 – 2030

Irregular rainfall farmers in rain-fed areas cannot plan crops properly, this in turn has led to non-sustainable use of underground water (tube well), so the every campaign’s success is not only the plantation, but the sustainability depends on continuation of the water supply to the plantation.


It is really exciting that Taraqee Foundation remain successful in gathering all stakeholders at a single platform and assisting Pakistan marching towards towards UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration 2021 – 2030 by adding another 38,000 timber plantation in Pashin, Balochistan underneath Prime Minister Imran Khan 10BTTP Mega Tree Plantation venture.
Although, it is really amazing that Tarqee Foundation has gathered all stake holder at a single platform under the proactive leadership of it’s CEO, an ambitious social worker who vows to spend every single moment of his life to serve the mother nature and humanity, still the success of the planted trees remains a challenge in respect with water resources of Balochistan.

For this project, government has ensured to provide water tankers and the plantation is planed especially near 10 Dams, and Band Khushdil Khan is a 200 years old Dam in Pashin, Balochistan.

Naimat Ullah Khan, is a freelance digital strategist & seasonal development sector writer.

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