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Biden says It’s the time to learn from the mistakes of Afghanistan: Dialogue Times

Joe Biden has said that he takes the responsibility of being confused to withdraw from Afghanistan. Addressing the Nation from the White House after just 24 hours of the last US troops left Afghanistan, Biden celebrated the pulling out of 1,24000 Civilians in the 17 days, it was the time to turn the page and a new era in US foreign Policy. The decision to end the military operation was not about Afghanistan, wanted to end the era of the military operation and to remake other countries, Said the US President. Talking to the Reporters at the White House, Biden looked into the camera and said that I take the responsibility for what he thought was a wise decision, My administration could not expect the speed of collapses of the Afghan Army. The blame game has been started and I have been much criticized for the said decision I have done, but let me clear that My predecessor and Ashraf Ghani has also been criticized, Biden added. He pointed out that the Donald Trump administration had signed an agreement with the Taliban in Doha, It was not mentioned in the said accord regarding the withdraw of US troops from Afghanistan, but is permitted to free the 5000, Taliban prisoners. Those included released fighters including some of the Top Class Commanders, who took control of Afghanistan, Said the US President. As I joined my office, In 2001, the Taliban was in the strongest position, controlling half of the country, Said Biden. We had to follow a very simple decision either to fight with the Taliban or we had to leave Afghanistan, a commitment made by the last administration, Said the US President. I did not want to extend this war anymore. The fundamental decision regarding the withdrawal from Afghanistan was much supported by the US Civilians that it was the right decision. US President admitted The assumption of the Afghan army would be able to fight with the Taliban, but he much criticized the Ghani abandoned Kabul and fled as the Taliban reached near Kabul. He said that the Afghan people were watching their government collapse and felt more insecurity and risks, the President flee and became also a threat for the US Troops and its allies. I told to Ghani that you have the best Army, but he fled away, said Biden.

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Republican Senators stated that few hundred Civilians were left in Afghanistan by the Biden Administration, but he made it clear that the decision was made unanimously with my military advisers, Said the US President. We believe that only 100 Civilians left there, either they had dual nationality or they had family roots in Afghanistan, Said, Biden.

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