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27 October-Black Day For Kashmiris











In the August 1947 two countries make the place on the world’s map in the result of partition plan of June 3, 1947, passed by British Parliament, India and Pakistan. This partition was an outcome of ideological freedom movement. Two considerable nations were living in the subcontinent those are all the way different from each other. On the time of partition, there were round about 635 princely states. According to the partition plan, these were the people of those princely states  who had the right to decide the future of their state through a referendum. But here Hindu leaders of congress manifested their oppression and demented mentality. They played with the future of so many people living in those princely states. If you look back into the time, you will find that India has always damaged the peace all the time. Even today India is a great threat to global peace. At the time of partition, somehow India tried to create the troubles when Muslim leaders were trying hard to balance the circumstances. India interrupted couple of states and tried to influence them. With coalition of Sir Radcliffe congress’s leaders occupied the so many states of Muslim majority. On the 27th of October in 1947 India invaded in a state of Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir and tried to subjugate the real landholders. It was an act of war but it was not drop of bombshell. India did the same with Junagadh, Manavadar, Gujrat and many others. Indian forces stared the genocide of Kashmiri people. At that time Founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah declared the Kashmir policy. Quaid e Azam ordered army chief to send your troops to the Kashmir for the protection of the Kashmiris and called it the jugular vein of Pakistan. Indian occupation forces started the genocide of the Kashmiris. The Muslims of Kashmir paid a heavy price for their aspirations to become the part of Pakistan. Indian army, forces of Dogra Maharaja and Hindu extremists massacred over 300000 Kashmiris Muslims just within the period of two months in Jammu region. Actually the bloodbath was intended to turn the population ratio in the favor of India if international community calls for the referendum over this occupation. But India’s this strategy could not meet their expectations. Later India brought this issue the United Nations. But UN never looked serious to solve this issue. Anyhow, when people of Kashmir conceived that it is not going to be resolved through the peaceful means they intensified the movement to secure their right to self determination. This movement is still continued till date. Indian establishment used power to refrain them, in the beginning they succeed but later on when youth joined this struggle and made it Kashmir Freedom Movement  here India failed so badly. Kashmiri youth has lifted up this movement to its peak. Because they have been conceived the worst of the consequences to the hilt. So they are fighting fire with fire. Well educated youth is leading the freedom movement. Recently, a PhD scholar Dr. Mannan Wani has laid down his life for this cause. Kashmiris are not living the normal life. It’s not about any specific group, people from all walk of life are contributing in this movement. Kashmiri students don’t go to the schools and colleges you will find them on the roads pelting the stones. Their merchants are continuing the trade, last year Kashmiris bear the loss of 22 crores but they didn’t export the apple. Even their kids are no less, you will found raising the anti-India slogans. Today hearts of the Kashmiri people are filled against the India because they have lost their loved ones daily. Every day they have seen blood of their people. Every day they have passed through the funerals. Every day they go to the graveyard to bury their loved ones. I personally reckon, it is heartrending to read, write and listen about the life in Kashmir. But they pass through this situation every single day. Recently in Kulgham Indian army martyred the innocent Kashmiris including school boys, it was like bloodbath. Blood was circulating on the streture. But Kashmiris are still stood firm on their stance. They are not ready to withdraw at any cost or condtion. Now they footing on the policy of “Do or Die”. Today entire Kashmiri nation is standing on the single point agenda that is FREEDOM. Some recent developments have stamped that India has badly been failed in Kashmir. Approximately zero turn out of the elections proves that people of Kashmir are not agreed to stay with India. India’s fake narrative is badly unveiled in front of the international community. Waving Pakistani flags on the land of Kashmir shows their verdict. That time has gone when people used to say that it should be asked from the Kashmiris whether they want accede to the Pakistan or India. They are burying their martyrs in Pakistani flags, now it doesn’t need any further evidence of their love and aspirations for Pakistan.
Now the point to ponder is that what comes in our part. Kashmiris are giving their maximum, they are giving their blood to become the part of Pakistan. In this situation when they are waving Pakistani flags and burying their martyrs in green flag, Pakistan cannot let them down. Both Pakistani nation and government should play the role of their part. It is appreciable that how our foreign minister Qureshi and representative in the United Nations are raising voice for the Kashmir. But we will have to feel their pain, and fight their case as our own case and it is our own case and our founding father called it jugular vein. Pakistan should register its strong protest against atrocities in the Kashmir. Latest situation of Kashmir has failed Indian narrative so badly. Pakistan should cash it out. Prime Imran Khan should understand that Naya Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir. Pakistanis from both sides of border are looking towards him when he will make progress according to that which he had given just after being elected as prime minister.


Abdullah Qamar

Writer is student of English literature and History. He writes on different politocal, startegic and diplomatic affairs.

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