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Promote The Primary Education

Muhammad Hussain Azad

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Educationally, Pakistan is not a developed country and has not a good and standard education system. According to a survey, the education system of pakistan is more than sixty years behind from the international standard of education. The literacy of Pakistan is about 58 percent that so much low due to the international standard.

When the british left the Hindustan(India and Pakistan ), they leaved here some very rusty rules in the society for the residual of the people of sub continent  and special for Pakistan, forever. So they were succeeded in their mission and the India and Pakistan both are yet following the rules they made.

Education is the weapon of time.In this modern and complex time, no country and nation can’t developing without education. Actually, the primary schools build and emanated everywhere in the country but it didn’t given any importance. The female education are negligible.There are no enough teachers for the children in primary schools. The primary schools buildings are also piteousness. There are two or three rooms for 6 classes, and those teachers who can pay bribe to officers, the department builds room in their schools but those who dont knowing  this manoeuvre, they can’t get any construction fund for there school.

 According to the government policy, there is one teacher for 40 students in primary schools, it is an open joke withe the primary education in our country.

Primary education is the base of education. Its the foundation of education of a man. So if the foundation of a building is weak, how the building will be remain  strong for more time ? The strong primary education is the path way of a developed and civilizational country.If the govt work and give special focus on primary education, the literacy of the country will be increase very soon and the country will be make good progress.

But, Sorry to say, there are the corrupt and non qualified officers appointed in the education department, They dont know that what is the importance of education, they dont know that why the education should to be promote? They only well knowing that how to steel the public mony. And they only work to make more and more mony because their tenur are for some period and they dont miss any chance to rob the people and destroying the whole country education system.

In the developed counties, primary education has very importance. There are the primary teachers given a good and professional trailing. so, there are the education ratio are 100 percent. 

They are very advanced and live a happy life. So, the Government should to appoint well trained teacher for the primary schools children.They should to promote the primary education for the advancement and development of our country.

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