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Cluster Toy Bombs in Indian Occupied Kashmir

FILE - In this Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019 file photo, an Indian paramilitary soldier patrols during security lockdown in Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir. Gulf Arab countries have remained mostly silent as India’s government moved to strip the Indian-administered sector of Kashmir of its limited autonomy, imposing a sweeping military curfew in the disputed Muslim-majority region and cutting off residents from all communication and the internet. (AP Photo/ Dar Yasin, File)

CDC Team Pakistan


India has demanded all Indian pilgrims, tourists local or international to leave IOK at once. Which clearly indicates something evil  is up at the sleeves of India. Recent deployment of ten thosand army personnel in IOK was creating alarm bells but now twenty five more officers were called two days ago which clearly indicates a sordid pay initializied by India.

For seventy years Indian occupied Kashmir has been kept endlessly under brutal tyranny and subjugation by the seven hundred thousands of Indian soldiers. India has been warned several times for human rights violations by the United Nations and these warnings were blatantly ignored by India .In spite of acknowledging its criminal practice, India has always initiated a blame game upon Pakistan. A false flag operation by India is about to unveil as per current situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

President Trump has offered to play a moderator or an arbitrator for the solution of dispute over Kashmir, which has been vigorously denied by India. On the other hand,Pakistan has warmly welcomed  President Trump for arbitration  in Kashmir dispute.

Indiaa is losing its creditability globally and after a failed attempt at isolating Pakistan diplomatically,Indial has been hell bent over making the life of people of Kasmir even more miserable.Use of pallet guns in IOK has resulted in thousands of blind cases over the years but now India has crossed all limits and started cluster bombings on civil unarmed people of Kashmir.

Cluster toy bomb is a weapon of mass destruction.The primary victims of cluster bombs are civilian of which 40% are children, who might take these cluster bombs  as toys. Cluster bombs are a form of air-dropped or ground-launched explosive weapon that releases many small bomblets Commonly used cluster bombs are designed to explode into thousands of pieces of razor-sharp blades that cut through bodies or vehicles. These are more deadlier than land mines. A cluster bomb is an empty shell with small bombs ranging from 2 to 2000. 

The use of cluster-bomb is  prohibited under the Geneva Convention and the  international law. Countries that ratified the Convention on Cluster Bombs in Ireland are banned from using the bomb in May 2008, which has been part of international law since 2010, and so far 120 countries have joined the Convention.

Indian Army starts targeting civilian  population on July 30 and 31, and targets cluster  bombs in Neelam Valley. A 4 year old got martyerd and numerous people were injured.

One of the major reasons for this sudden aggression may also be that the Indian Government has filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India with regard to the abolition of Article 35A and Article 370 which gives special status to the State of Kashmir.  Two articles which are a major hurdle in India’s way because of them

• No Indian can buy land in Kashmir.

Kashmir has its own Constitution and flags.

• The King of Kashmir had annexed Kashmir on the basis of these articles.

• Kashmiris are not citizens of India but states of Jammu and Kashmir.

If these articles are removed, the citizens of Kashmir will be called Indians and their separate status will be lost.  Also, there will be no legal barrier for Indians  to live in Kashmir or buy lands here.

India is now illegally occupying Kashmir and wants the Indian public to settle in the Valley of Kashmir, which aims to increase the number of Hindus in Kashmir, after which if the pressure from the United Nations and the US  President offer to mediate over Kashmir dispute, soars,India may succeed in favoring the results.







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