Who cares for the future in Embassies!

EmbassiesPakistan Foreign Office seriously needs to look into social media pages of its foreign missions. Its dire need is felt when the social media pages of different Pakistani Embassies are compared with the old East Pakistan and (now) Bangladeshi Embassies in different countries.

This comparison will be not irrational as Pakistani scholars are used to comparing and contrasting Pakistan with India and Bangladesh. It’s always lamented that the ratio of Pakistanis and Indians on white collars job in different countries is not getting in favour of Pakistan with the passage of time. The same lament is expected with a comparison with Bangladesh in the future. Unfortunately, one of the reason is the apathy and indifferent attitude and behaviour of Pakistani Embassies to different Pakistani professionals, research scholars and students.

This feeling does not need rocket science. If you look at the social media page of Bangladeshi Embassies, you don’t need to scroll too down to get a good feeling of being a student in a foreign country. On Bangali official social media pages, it can be easily noticed that various gatherings for Bangali students are arranged each year. In those events by their embassies, students are provided practical information about the studies protocols in the respective host country. Similarly, perspective on being how to settle on a good position after the studies are discussed and Bangali students are helped in every possible way. Just as a gentle reminder, please don’t forget the fact that the major part of the economy of Pakistan depends upon the foreign exchequer sent by expatriates.

Unfortunately, through my personal observation, I have never seen even a single such program on the behalf of the Pakistani Embassy in The Netherlands in the last four years. But what I can see is the use of official social media pages for the personal propagation of diplomatic designate of Pakistan. Of course, it’s not a bright picture. But the critical question is whether the Pakistan Foreign Office and its officials really care about it!

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