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The Great Warrior?


I woke up in the morning and Allah o Akbar then
Offered two Nafils, since AlhamduliLLAH I am –
Alive and moving, talking and AstaghfiruLLAH no stalking
And roaring like a lion – only in Askari Ten

Meet myself I’m Hamid, meet myself I’m Zaid
Might I voice like girlies but Swear wAllah I’m man
Pretend to be a redneck? So what if I wear Red –
Cap and that’s bit tilted, don’t dare to call me hen.

Although I don’t like birdies, they tag me yet as cock.
These SAFMA traitors see me as if I am a dog.
If you are not pro-army then listen little friend
Like theirs I’ll make your life, wAllah a living hell.

That Asma questions ‘bout me, she questions who I am?
You baby thou must listen to what I’m going to tell
I’m warrior of Bukhara, of Constantinople I’m the champ
This happens in a game that’s called “Clash of Clans”

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