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False celebrations, fake independence : Muhammad Farooq Khan


Life in Balochistan is not less than a punishment. You are Pakistani, but you can not go to the beautiful beaches of Pasni and Gwadar to spend your annual holidays, why? How is this freedom? Can a citizen of Faisalabad go to the Hana Lake of Quetta?After all, why do not we have the freedom to see the beauty of the Hangol river? If we can not afford to travel freely in Balochistan, then what freedom are we going to celebrate? Let’s forget dead bodies, mass graves and missing persons of Balochistan and celebrate the celebrations of the rest of Pakistan.

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Rest of Pakistan? Is it possible for any Pakistani to visit the beautiful valley of Razmak, Shiwal or Mir Ali? Or is it possible for a trader of Multan to go to the Wana’s market for sale & purchase? No. How is this freedom? What to celebrate? I am in favour to party and celebrate. I am in favour to play and smile. But question remains what kind of this celebration and freedom is?

According to the official figures, only 150,000 doctors are available for the population of thirty million, while Pakistan is one of the five countries in the world whose doctors are most likely to offer services in the US and outside of their country. Is it not an important question that Why do doctors go abroad despite the scarcity of doctors in own country? Those countries feel shame in the world where the element of the BRAIN DRAIN is found. But Pakistan’s highly educated and skilled personnel go out of Pakistan to offer services, because our governments are unable to provide facilities like governments overseas.

In Asia cancer rate of women is highest in the Pakistan. In every 09 women in Pakistan a woman suffers from breast cancer risk. However, the cancer hospitals in Pakistan can be counted on fingers while cancer has become a rapidly growing disease in Pakistan. Apart from this, the problem is that people do not have the ability for medical check up of their patients. The biggest reason for this is that the public health sector is in control of private investors up to 80 percent. A small city like Layyah has been planted near a five “celebration camps”, but even the blood pressure device is not available at District Headquarters hospital. Is it not anxiety and hypocrisy?

Pakistan is one of the prominent countries of the world in children’s mortality ratio. 1.6 million children of Pakistan are living in the streets and on the highways. The majority of Pakistani people searching for food in crash and trash are of under 14 years of age. While on the other hand, 25 million children of age between five to sixteen are unable to go to school. This number is the second worldwide. It means that 25 million of your future generation are illiterate, are you going to celebrate this? Daily ten children are being sexually abused in the Pakistan and this number is increasing. While the case of child labor in Pakistan has been worsening day by day. In Pakistan, 90 percent of workers working in small industries such as carpet weaving and furniture manufacturering have children under the age of 14 (UNICEF). According to official data, eleven million children are suffering from curse like child labor, but real figures are more than that.

One in every six children die before the age of five. 35% of Pakistani children are low weighted than appropriate. While fifty percent of Pakistani children are vulnerable to stunted growth. Daily eleven hundred children die due to diarrhea. Children’s health is especially a challenge in the rural areas because poverty there is no less than a punishment. 62.3% of Pakistan’s population is absolute poor, a population of income less than Rs.150 per day. While half of Pakistan’s population is food insecure.

And the mother of all these problems, unequal distribution of wealth and resources, is getting worse every day. Top ten percent of Pakistan possesses thirty percent of Pakistan’s wealth and lower ten percent of Pakistan’s population has only 4 percent of resources. Pakistan is the home of large landowners who own thousand acres of agricultural land, while they do not do any work on their own land, but they have agricultural slaves in the form of Haari and Muzarah who are obliged to pay heavy debts. On the basis of debt they are being exploited of political, social, religious, mental, economic and physical nature.

We want to celebrate, but the real celebration …! For the majority of the population, Pakistan is the name of a wide-ranging prison, which is in the hands of the Satanic rulers. British rulers went away from India, new and “own” rulers came into power. The names have been changed, the situation is the same, because the system is the same. Freedom isn’t to change the rulers, it’s to change the system. Shaheed Bhagat Singh said, “We are not struggling to remove the English rulers to bring Indian rulers, we are struggling for socialist India.” Real freedom will be found when the Proletariat will rule.

In the country, ignorance and deprivation is laughing at our concept of independence. Billions are involved in drug business. The corruption and bribery are now accepted by society as a routine deed. Prostitution is a profitable industry now. Terrorism is been spread as permanent cause. Street crimes, killing, suicide, fraud, hypocrisy, lies, robbery, extortion, and brutalism are becoming the prize of freedom, destroying the life of millions on both sides of border. The state and its slave corporate media are busy in trying to hide the looting and crimes of ruling elite behind the celebration of the independence. As long as public is hungry, this freedom is a lie. Millions of laborers and Proletariat can not be kept in the dream of freedom. As long as the Jagirdar group and the greedy bourgeoisie are ruling to this country, the people of Pakistan will not be able to get independence. Celebrating the present depressed and embarrassed situation feels a sin.

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