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Texas Bans Abortion at Midnight

They said we should stop comparing politics with 1984 and The Handmaid’s Tale after Trump walked out of office but things don’t seem to have taken a better turn since then.

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Texas 6-week abortion ban came into effect at midnight but the Supreme Court has yet to act on any appeals to put the law on hold.

This law will stop abortions from as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy, roughly around the time the fetus’ heartbeat can be detected. It is too early for the mother to know that she is even pregnant.

This law would cause over 85% of abortions to become illegal. Abortion service providers including Planned Parenthood have effectively stopped abortion services after 6 weeks.

Twelve other states also filed for abortion ban laws but haven’t been able to implement them. Texas law is different because it gives the civilians the power to sue anyone for an abortion for up to $10,000. This includes the mother, the clinic and even the person who drove the mother to the clinic. Such lawmaking entails many sinister loopholes and thus, the law becomes difficult to challenge.  

The next step for abortion opponents is to ban medically induced abortions as well which make up to 40% of abortions in the US.

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Image Credit: New York Post

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