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Former British Ambassador Unshuts on Afghanistan Issue

Dialogue Times – Former Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mark Sedwill expressed his views on Afghan refugees saying that United Kingdom and her allies lacked plans to deal with the refugee crisis in Afghanistan in a situation where Talibans could be the rules. The emergency airlift out of Kabul had only helped relatively smaller refugee count, and greater pressure is still likely to emerge as people fled over land, as per ambassador to Afghanistan.

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He further appended that the US decision to exit Afghanistan is irreversible. The consequences are series of important results prompting actions from the Great Britain and the West.

Mark suggested that there would be a dire need for major humanitarian effort in and around Afghanistan in the early phases of Taliban 2.0 era. He further added that Taliban would have to give the guarantee to run an all-inclusive government and it should be dissimilar to that of 2001. Departure of foreign forces from Afghanistan was a mismanagement at implementation layer, hinted Mark. He further indicated that Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan would fuel terrorism and extremism in the state.

It is assumed that thousands of Afghans were rightful to be resettled in UK, however, they were left behind when the airlift operation was announced to be halted. Sedwill warned that the goodwill of neighboring countries can be counted upon, especially when considerable volume of Afghans had already fled, however, the neighbors won’t be able to accommodate more refugees.

The vague asylum rules for people who leave Afghanistan to neighbor states are yet to be determined.

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