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“Kerala Hindu Aikya Vedi” state president K P Sasikala hasn’t surprised me but has certainly ashamed Pakistani Taliban. The leader of “parivar” (family) of hate has obviously unfolded genesis of the parivar as if the parivar is waiting to drink the blood of writers of this country. Sasikala said that “if ‘secular’ writers want a long life, they should conduct ‘mrityunjaya’, otherwise their fate is similar to that of Gauri Lankesh”. This is exactly what this parivar of hate stands for and hence it is referred as an anti-democratic, anti-humanity, fascists or the forces of the darkness. They don’t believe in the co-existence, multiculturalism, pluralism, and dissent. Their weapons are hate, threats, mob lynching, bullets and communal riots.


The parivar of hate has multiple faces, for example, patriotic, nationalistic, philanthropist, culturist, devote religious, animal lover, corporate agent to the preacher of the one nation and one people. These are the masks crafted to cheat and fool the innocent and ignorant masses but on the other hand, the writers, artists, and journalists are the mirror of their respective society. The creative mind is a sort of surveillance upon the propaganda unleashed by the parivar of hate.  The authors and journalists have continued exposing the callous and vicious face of the parivar of hate and hence the monster like Sasikala has openly threatened Indian writers by calling them ‘secular’.

In this context, the writers are neither secular nor nationalist rather writers are the ‘mirror’ and ‘conscience’ of their nation and the society. If “parivar of hate” thinks it will succeed in its mission to build a ‘Hindutva Rashtra’ by killing a writer or two, than it is an erroneous pattern of thinking.  This brutal mentality of killing creative people because they question or express dissent without any fear or consequences is not an Indian phenomenon. In fact, this mentality is an attack on Indian civilization which is known for its openness, diversity; dissent, and respect for all faiths of the world.

The parivar of hate could kill a writer, a dozen of writers or hundreds of Indian writers and journalists but the parivar cannot kill the ‘mirror’ or the ‘conscience’ of India. The pen of Indian writers is mightier than the barbarism of the parivar of hate. The pen of Indian writers and journalists is courageous enough to counter the inhuman and obnoxious threats of the “parivar of darkness”. The pen of Indian writers has its roots in the history of Indian civilization. The pen of Indian writers speaks up for the idea of India and opposes the idea of totalitarianism. The pen of Indian writers is the mirror of Indian society it cannot stop reflecting what appears in front of its surface.  If parivar of hate is an un-Indian phenomenon or an anti-India mindset the mirror cannot depict it as a sacrosanct patriotism.

The threat to Indian writers issued by Sasikala is nothing but an effort to generate terror to obliterate ‘memory’, -the memory which encompasses the idea of India. And, on the contrary, what parivar of hate is ignorant of is that the act of writing is an act of resurrection of the past and assertion of the memory.


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