Corona: Another Crisis is waiting!

Corona has altered the course of history. But the good thing about life is that it keeps on going. Many countries in the world are altering the ways of dealing Corona with novel solutions by monitoring the current situation. Many developed countries are hoping to return back to the normal functioning of life in coming three months by keeping social-distancing measures.

Corona has hit Pakistan very late by the appropriate and timely measures of the government of Pakistan, of course, after the mercy of Almighty ALLAH. The lockdown in the country kept the wave of Corona away from Pakistan when the world was seriously affected. But the success story was over after the two weeks of Eid-ul-Fitr. Unfortunately, executive, judiciary and government machinery misappropriated the things and the public didn’t follow the social-distancing rules. Gatherings for the prayer of Eid with the opening of shopping malls might have played an important role in it. The current situation is poor but not gloomy as the number of deaths are under five thousand despite a high spike of active cases of Corona.

It’s good that the death rate from Corona is not high in Pakistan. But the world may not see Pakistan with this perspective. The world might judge Pakistan from the spectrum of active Corona cases. Perhaps, Pakistan can lower her capacity to test the suspects of Corona like the many of the developed nations. Even President Trump has suggested the same a few days ago. The plea to lower the number of Corona test is reasonable. It might help to lower the panic and improve psychological health. Let me gently question, is the confirmation of Corona from the testing procedure is contributing positively to the treatment?

The health aspects of Corona-crisis aside, there is another aspect which needs the timely attention of Pakistani authorities. It is said that the ratio of Corona-positive cases among people who are returning from Pakistan is higher in some of the countries. The danger is that the world might be a no-go area for the people of Pakistani or South-Asian countries in the coming future. There might be a travel ban for the citizens of the South-Asian countries. It may seriously affect the economic condition of many families and the country. So, there might be a greater crisis of poor economic situation in waiting. But there is another way as well. Can Pakistan adopt a pro-active approach and establish a compulsory Corona test with quarantine for people going away from the country? It might help Pakistan in many aspects, if communicated and propagated properly.

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