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You implode if you don’t push it out. If you keep exhaling out of proportion, you explode. Such is the criticality of what one keeps on thinking. Alternatively, such is the magnitude of dialogue that helps clearing out what’s popping in your head, right down to the table.

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There’s a regular dialogue between friends and folks. That’s normal. That’s ordinary. Then there is another form of dialogue where you’re given a chance to play your role contributing towards society. Many of us are great in delivering greater speeches. Fewer, however, achieve success in positive transformation of what’s being thought to what’s written on the paper. Rana is one of those few.

Fresh most news coming of London is The Dialogue Times. Many of us are well aware of the prequel. Rana brewed a project from the core taste of social connections and transformed it into a binding point of right and left; socialists and democrats; fundamentalists and liberals etc. He called this project “Mukalma”, literal Urdu translation for word “Dialogue”. Once achieved the success, he came up with the next big thing, this time to the international audience. He presented the globe an opportunity to get involved in larger part of discussion table. He presented the world “The Dialogue Times”.


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