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Moonlight by SUZZANA JAVED

Sometimes when people are leaving they give you an assurance of how great you are. I wonder if that assurance and those compliments are their way of boasting your ego before they leave. Maybe they want to make sure that they leave the ocean inside your existence calm. Calmness is what we all desire, but in reality chaos always acts as a catalyst, changes everything and helps you reset.


Reset to redefine. Reset to rediscover. Reset to re-establish. Reset to reconcile with yourself. Reset to renew. Reset to reorganize. Reset to readjust. Reset to rejuvenate. Reset to reboot your life.  Will it help you to become new?

In the process of this emotional wear and tear, do you question their honesty or just accept it as it comes? Well, the reality is even if you question they might just be helping you not to erupt like a volanco? At least not in front of them.

Life is mysterious like that, you would never know the true intentions of anyone. Like you will never know how harmful natural disasters might be till they come and go. Leaving everything destroyed only to rebuild.

So what happened…

They met after years. He slowly had moved away from her life. She knew the reality but just did not want to accept it. Acceptance of circumstances are hard. It leaves you torn and it keeps you hanging on sharp edges of blades that can cut not only the heart but also the soul into million pieces. Any wrong move or pick between heart and brain, might end up into a phase of depression and of course, who wants it. In the battle of her heart and brain. The heart in her instance kept on winning. Was she intentionally letting her brain loose to her heart? Even if she had no answers to that question that kept coming back. She wanted to  kept going with the flow.

She had met this guy a few years ago and fell in love. For her love was constant. Today she was meeting him so he could ask her for forgiveness and move on. How hard can be that meeting? They went down the memory lane and discussed their chilling stories. It was intriguing because what he thought was funny she did not remember and what was funny to her, he had no idea of. They liked different things about each other. Anyways, it was time.

The reality of life is the pain it has to accept. Even though, she knew it was their last meeting she wanted to give it some meaning and tried to make memories in her own way. Was the dark semi-deserted restaurant’s parking lot a place to hang out? The moonlight was giving this meeting some perspective. Giving light in the darkness. He was forgiven and she was too. The moonlight did its magic.



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