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“First Answer is Your Failure” by Kaleem Bukhari

Nowadays in Pakistan, Trump’s warning is hot issue. The US president has blamed Pakistan for being “the safe heaven of terrorist organizations”. On the other hand, praising India, he said that we will demolish terrorism from the region.

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In response to Trump’s hard and harsh line about Pakistan, opposition leader Mr Imran Khan has condemned Trump’s new Afghan policy. Khan said that failure of America and his troops in  Afghanistan cannot be put on Pakistan. Khan asserted that Pakistan was more victimized from terrorism then the other. He said that the presence of 32000 troops could not change the fate of Afghanistan, how a minor addition of 4000 thousands could do.

After Khan, the foreign minister of Pakistan khawaja Muhammad Asif refused to meet the American foreign secretary showing a strict reaction in such situation.

In my opinion America is pressurizing Pakistan for his friendship with Russia and china.

May I remind you of three statements by three different American presidents.

George W. Bush during his visit to Afghanistan in March 2006 held a joint press conference in Kabul with the Afghan president. In response to the question about Pakistan, he said “he would raise the concern with the Pakistani leaders about terrorists going back and forth across the Pak-Afghan border.”

The first answer by the American president is the failure of Pakistan in those five years of war. As a result of those five years of war Pakistan got nothing but suicide attacks and bomb blasts. Still America didn’t recognise Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war against terrorism.

Barack Obama gave same statement during his Afghan visit insisting that “terrorists came across the border” indirectly targeting Pakistan. At the same time he also mentioned that Pakistan was also affected by terrorism. But on his official visit to India on 24 January 2016, he clearly stated that

“Pakistan can and must do against terrorism”

Obama’s statement reflects the diplomatic failure of Pakistan’s foreign relations.

President Trump’s recent statement in Agusut 2017 is the harshest and strongest warning given to Pakistan by a US president.

In this war of terrorism one more well-known demand of America is “Do More”. Now the question for military, politicians, policy makers and others who work in the situation is how to tackle this. Considering that we lost our trust in the first statement made by President Bush in 2006.

In my opinion Pakistan has to take the following important steps:

  1. Indiscriminate action against all types of terrorists and terrorism.
  2. the military and political establishment along with the politicians must accept their mistakes in Baluchistan and must immediately amend the mistakes. This step alone will resolve a lot of current problems.
  3. According to the National Action Plan the Tribal Areas and the people must be given identity and be owned like other citizens of Pakistan. They must be provided with all the facilities like others.
  4. A national economic program must be adopted which is not based on the Chinese and American aid.
  5. All the stake holders must work together for political stability
  6. The Judicial system must be improved to give speedy justice and to punish the criminals.
  7. Pakistan must adopt the policy that it is a sovereign country and must act like one.
  8. Pakistan must review its foreign policy and make relations based on equal level. The foreign policy must not be based on emotional friendships but realities.

A changed Pakistan that has changed herself within will need not to listen to any President, howsoever rude and funny he is.

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