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Fallacy on Embassy’s Behalf

By Ahmed Sohaib Aslam

Diplomats are said to be the open “eyes and ears” of their representative countries in a foreign country. But it is vice versa in case of endeared Pakistani diplomats. It seems that Pakistani officials are more interested to even “close” their eyes and ears.

Let me elaborate on my experience, I have been active to look after the interests of Pakistan in my personal capacity. I have even highlighted the use of undiplomatic statement of the embassy’behalf through their social media contact page. But it seems, the Pakistani officials are interested to listen to such things for just three chances.

Although I used to be a top fan on the official page of Embassy in the Hague but not any more. Now, I have been blocked on the Facebook page of Pakistan embassy the Hague. Perhaps it is due to the reason that I mentioned that it was not good to have the flags of Suriname in Pakistan Festival on their social media page.

Presently, if the social media page of Pakistan embassy is looked, there will be the photos of Pakistani diplomats on their meetings. Unfortunately, Pakistani officials lack this acumen that reporting international media reports can serve Kashmir cause in a much better way besides the regular official channels.

In fact, many expatriates and Pakistani students living abroad propagate the stance of Pakistan on Kashmir with their international fellows, but the international students consider international media and the embassies of respective countries to keep themselves updated about the official stance. And that is one of the points, where the failure of Pakistani diplomacy begins.

Following snapshots are further being shared to realize the nature of embassy’s correspondence to its citizens.

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