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Do you think? By Umer Zeb

Do you think you are in total command of whatever you are doing in life or you are tot ally independent in taking decision in your life? Are you totally in control of making choices in life?

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While sitting in restaurant, do you order a particular type of food just because you like it or you ordered it because you are compelled to order a particular type of food because you have developed a liking for a typical type of food and now you are just following that advice from your unconscious?

Are you independent of making choices when buying new dress for any occasion or you are following a specific kind of scheme already there in your mind to select clothing of specific colors and style. Do you still think you are totally independent in making choices in life? Do you think all our important decisions in life regarding education, job, friendship, and marriage are truly based on our own choices?

Or we follow a decision based on schemes which we developed as a result of interaction between our genetic disposition and the environment in which we reside. Are there any choices which are totally independent of genetic and environmental forces?

Is there any way to gauge, and measure such entirely independent choices? Who are the people most independent in making genuine and original choices? Do you think all the powerful and popular leaders use their free will and are totally independent in taking decisions?

The strength of any choice is dependent upon the need or motive that either biological in nature like thirst, hunger, sleep, sex or externally acquired from the environment or society like need for power, need for recognition, need for honor etc. Is there any way to improve the quality of our life in the presence of such strong and influential factors?

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