See, how she translates “Chupaya”

By Mukhtar Paras Shah

Just before midnight of 31st March 2020 I realized to write down my thoughts into words. Words matters, so as actions you know. The need of this hour is to discard my sophsticate drama and to pour honest relation on the page that is between my mind and heart that sprung up in the result of current scenario of the country.

I am not good in using technology, working on laptops for hours and in using social media. These all things offends me because I feel like they treat us as we always rely on them and we don’t have enough capacity to command our hands. Let me get straight on the notion on which my mind enforced me to write on it. The notion came when I recieved a call on my phone my mind instantly went on the 7th sky of this universe. What is relationship? or i can say what kind of relationship we have? We have a word in our national language urdu “Chupaya” which means four legs animal and often used for cattles in our country. I feel like human is no more different from this chupaya as he always wants to entangled himself from all of his four sides. He wants to use all 6th senses he has. He is more curious about what he hasn’t.

In my opinion when a human spread his two arms and legs he becomes automatically chupaya and the cruel people of his society starts pulling him from all of his four sides and at last they break him. Now what happened when he turned home for his wife and children he automatically tired and become a reason of trouble for his family.

I hate these kinds of chupayas you know that become the reason of tears of their family and spend all their energies on others in developing unreliable relations in society. I have many examples in my own surroundings and family who have spent major part of their lives in making merry of others in solving problems of others, and their own home is a bleak picture of just rotten eggs and nothing.

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