A Vagrant Mirror Series of Poems – 1

Suddenly past the midnight hour
Yes, I will come upon you, suddenly
And you will shrink from me
Holding up frail arms vainly to fend me off
But I shall come unassailable
Having found my identity at last
Come I must, at least once.
I have been too long patient
Too long willing to have you hold me
battened under, inert and immobile
But I am resolved – nay, doubly resolved
You shall acknowledge me wh enI come
And I shall be as merciless as the astounding dawn
to darkness enveloping the earth.
I will come back to deny your ‘truths’:
I will   beat down your pinnacles of falsehood
And crumple them into minute reluctant dust
Beneath my brazen heel.
Cruel it might seem to you
For you are the dust I am made of
An arid, dry, seer, and inhospitable soil
A harsh clime, a fallow farmine=stricken land
That never let me blossom forth
And scatter my seed around.
I shall (I know…I shall) with no hesitation
Kill your dear prerogatives, how you will
They shall be sought out, naked all and ashamed
For I will as a cill wind
I will force your sanctuary
And I will terribly blast them.
O, my birth land, my cruel mother goddess
I will force your citadel and unholy temples
and I will blast it as the savage conquerors of yore
Who came from the  lands of barbarian tribes
.The unremembered abysmsI will come from
maybe forgotten later, but not my comingl
And when I come
The bleak spiders of the night
Will suddenly turn into fiery dragons
And then you will tremble and be aghast
And your limbs will be water
And you will not find it in you to disavow
A prodigal son  When I come, as I promise
Back from unchartered lands and seas.
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