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UK to Re-Open Schools amid Covid Rise

The Secretary for Education urged students to return to “pre-pandemic experience” in schools, despite the increase in Covid cases. Gavin Williamson said that testing would be our biggest tool in defending students against the spread of the virus but refused to outline government strategy.


He did not rule out the increase in cases linked to classroom re-opening in England and Wales, but said that this is why we are encouraging testing among students and school staff.

Experts have warned against normal school re-openings. Teachers and staff have also voiced their concerns about eased restrictions on campus after the last term. However the minister stresses continuing with the program.

Mr Williamson said other measures could be introduced if necessary.

“Of course, we do have a contingency framework if there are areas of particular need that we do have to take further action,” he said.

While declining to explain what this might include, he said the government was “absolutely clear it wanted to avoid” a return to bubbles in schools and whole classes and year groups being sent home due to outbreaks of infection.

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