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Taliban have been positive: White House

Image Credit: Dawn News

White House has issued a statement saying Taliban haven taken first positive step and their behavior has been of support and cooperation.
The spokesperson appreciated the support in evacuation process. The statement further appreciated role of Qatar in evacuation operation and reiterated that there is no deadline for the Americans who want to leave Afghanistan.

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The White House released this statement Thursday, in which NSC spokesperson Emily Horne appreciated the efforts of Qatar Airways in the evacuation of US citizens from Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul. She added that the flight has safely landed in Qatar and that Us has been tirelessly working to evacuate all citizens and lawful permanent residents in Afghanistan.

Regarding this she also commented that Taliban have been cooperative during the evacuation process and have shown a positive attitude. It is a positive first step as Taliban have been flexible and businesslike in their dealings with US officials.

She reported that under the Operation Allies Welcome the US has brought 6,000 citizens back. Earlier the US President Joe Biden assured the people that if you are a US citizen there is no deadline for evacuation. The US will continue to carry out its evacuation process and facilitate anyone who wants to get out.

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