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If Men Could Menstruate

In this article, I will emphasize on the natural phenomenon from which non-pregnant women have to go every month i.e. the discharge of blood from uterus that if the same phenomenon start happening with men and not with women, then what would be the scenario? Further, there are two natural terminologies from which men and women go regarding the body organs and natural phenomenon which they don’t have or from which they don’t undergo.

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The first word is “Penis-envy”. Penis envy is a phase with respect to female psychosexual improvement, in which young ladies experience tension upon acknowledgment that they don’t have a penis. And, the male individuals have constructed entire societies around the possibility that the anxiety of penis-envy is normal to ladies.   Men also considered their peculiar organ, i.e. penis, an unprotected organ which may be said to make them exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally. The second word is “womb-envy”, is basically the anxiety from which men go through that they can’t get pregnant, can’t go through the period phase and can’t breast feed their children like females and this behavior is as logical as penis-envy. To put it plainly, the attributes of the incredible, whatever they might be, are believed to be superior to the qualities of the feeble—and rationale has nothing to do with it.

Now let’s take a long breathe and think if men could menstruate rather than the women, what would happen? Then, periods would turn into a fortunate, gloat commendable and manly occasion. Young men would check the beginning of menses that ached for verification of masculinity, with religious custom and stag parties. In short, the problems and discomfort which women face due to menses would no longer to be problematic for men.

Political Parties would start funding to help men to get controlled by this monthly issue. Sanitary pad which is one of the main equipment which women have to always put in bag would be funded by governments if men could menstruate. Men could only serve in Army and could become politician, if he could menstruate. The stance of left wing politicians who talk about women equality would be totally different and they would keep on insisting that women are only equal to men when they were eager to self-incur a noteworthy injury consistently and perceive the overwhelming nature of menstrual issues. The situation of TV shows, media and movies would totally different, if men could menstruate.

Men would persuade ladies that intercourse was increasingly pleasurable at “that time of month”. Lesbians would be said to fear blood and along these lines life itself—however most likely simply because they required a decent discharging man. Obviously, male intelligent people would offer the most good and coherent contentions. Liberal guys in each field would endeavor to be benevolent: the way that “these individuals” have no present for estimating life or associating with the universe, the nonconformists would clarify, ought to be discipline enough.

The behavior and reaction of women would be very much interesting and traditional women agreeing to all arguments with a loyal and gracious flagellation and the discharged blood of their husbands would be as terrifying as of Jesus and the sexiest thing as well and feminists would keep on focusing about the liberation of men from this issue.

In short, everything would be justifiable, reaction of society would be totally different especially in under developing countries, like Pakistan and India, and the governing bodies would keep on giving relief and compensation to men for the five days of menstruation, if men could menstruate.

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