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“Racism” by Hilde Jacobs

What does it mean if a young guy from Pakistan is posting racist comments or pictures on his Facebook page?

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He should mind that some Europeans or rather people belonging to the “white race” are numbering Pakistanis and Indians also among the dark-colored race indeed! So does he want to revolt against this simple minded but at the same time also dangerous classification towards him and his fellows by insulting other races as for instance “Africans”? Or is he really thinking to be superior to them, because they are a little darker skinned then the guy himself?

What is even more sickening is the fact that his father is a teacher. I dare not picture to myself what he teaches his pupils resp. students concerning this subject, if he is not even in a position to inflict his own son to behave morally and socially sober concerning other races.

Some of you might sneer at my moral outrage because they think the racist pics are only a joke of a pubertal youngster. But no, please, believe me, I am a German citizen and I know how our dictator Hitler came to create the Holocaust in WW II! If the German people had nipped things in the bud then it would not have come to the horrible cruel treatment of other than the so called “Nordic Race”-People with blue eyes and fair skin.

Does the guy not know that Moslems are not welcomed in Germany (Europe)? Did he never come to know that the murderers of the NSU are about to be imprisoned for years or even lifelong? What is their indictment? Hunting and killing people of other races who had come here to live a protected life! Neo-Nazism is on the rise nowadays. He should know that if he intends to come here for a visit he will be in great danger, since his phiz is looking quite frightful for some of the German citizens: long sharp shaped nose, coal black hair and beard, and they surely will not hesitate to hunt him too!

My appeal is addressed to all boastful and arrogant young people in Pakistan: Be quiet about all kinds of humans, including those who have a dark skin, another religion than Islam, other conceptions of sex and gender and last not least about disabled persons. Learn to be tolerant and empathic towards all creatures not forgetting all suffering animals of course!






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