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Biden Consoles Americans against Covid in Latest Address

Image Credit: New York Times

Sources say that the American President will address the nation today, to take its people into confidence on the issues related to Afghanistan and Pandemic as well. The pandemic has not followed exactly the same surging and warning pattern as last yet. With the growing realization that earlier expectations of eliminating Covid-19 were over optimistic, Americans may need some consoling.


It’s expected to be a significant speech at a turning point for the United States, where hopes that vaccinations would ease the strain on hospitals and allow more social freedoms were dampened by the spread of the highly contagious variant. Biden also plans to call for a global summit, to be held during the U.N. General Assembly later this month, to respond to the coronavirus crisis and boost vaccine supply to the developing world.

The pressure on Biden is increasing as the public health outlook worsens. The seven-day average of coronavirus deaths across the United States was 1,524 as of Wednesday, compared to 509 one month ago, amid a lackluster vaccine uptake in many states and controversies over mask and vaccine mandates.

In some ways, Biden is like a wartime president girding his people for many more months of struggle. Today’s Biden speech will be closely watched to see and hard will be the truths that Biden, who had said while campaigning that he would always give its best to the country. Analysts say that the Americans are unhappy from the current President Joe Biden, because of his defeat in Afghanistan.

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