The Midnight Sun

By Israr Ahmed

One Day the Sun thought he would go to the night and see what people do at night. But People will recognize me the sun thought, so the sun covered himself in a way that the light would not go out.

First of All the sun saw the person who was always happy and used to spread happiness.

The Sun peered through the window and saw tears were flowing out of his eyes and onto the checks. His pillow was wet, so he changed the side. After a While that part also got wet. Tears also flowed from the Sun’s Eyes.

Suddenly, someone put his hand on sun’s shoulder. 

The Sun looked back. It was the moon standing behind him, with moist eyes.

“I too was once so bright just like you”, the moon said, “but I have lost my light by crying in people’s grief. My Duty is not easy as yours۔ A mother who loses her young son shows patience during the day but at night she looks for his son’s face in my face with teary eyes. I can’t see at all and hide myself in the clouds.

People See me and remember their incomplete love. Their Sad faces make me anxious too.

So it is better for you not to come in night or else you will lose your brightness like me”. 

“You are a right”, the sun replied.

“I am not even able to see anything more”.

Sun left with teary eyes.

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