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LGBT & Religion; Yet Another Perspective by MAAZ MAHMOOD

I would like to put in my two cents to Dr. Satyapal’s recent article regarding same sex marriages and transgenders. Let’s talk straight to the point. LGBTs act upon natural instincts. There are two choices to accept them. Either take them as people with irregular psychological sexual behaviors or accept them as folks with deliberate non traditional choice of sexual preferences when it comes to opt for their partners. In first case that’s the way they’re programmed by nature. In second scenario they use a choice provided to them by nature. Sooner or later we will have to accept and accommodate them.


Regardless of considerations to accommodate them we mustn’t ignore an important fact that sex itself is a taboo in our eastern society. The central idea about the subject topic being taboo is its prohibition in Image result for Hindu gayalmost every religion that presents sex as means to reproduce. Since every religious framework ensures the self integrity and stresses upon increment in its followers, none of the religions (as per my limited knowledge) promotes any doctrine going against this basic principle. For instance no religion teaches to create balance between income and the offspring. None of the religions be it Abrahamic or Non Abrahamic, clearly stresses upon Post delivery mother’s health restoration. Use of birth control is still disputed in many Islamic countries and other religious formations. It’s very unlikely to find Plan B over the counter in any Islamic State, not to mention alcohol, source of evil to reach on desire to use Plan B, is easier to find than habit contraceptives. Abortion is being dealt with strict hands still in many religious states.

The conclusion, I would like to draw is simple fact that every divine framework tends to promote its expansion. Same sex relationship comes on the wag and hence the complete idea is rejected and dissed by every divine set of rules. LGBTs are discouraged not because it’s against the norms but because they apparently hit the core delimitation of religion itself by limiting upcoming generation count. Norms change, Principles to spread religions don’t. The world we’re living in clearly understands the importance of gap between two consecutive deliveries. Never had been this focused by any of religions. Why? Again as it resists the idea of natural expansion of religious peers.

 We must come out of taboos!

Television was hated by religious center-points here in my Pakistan as it was supposedly some sort of a challenging invention by the created against the Creator. Later on even extremists and fundamentalists realized the pros of televised broadcast compared to its non availability and hence they agreed not only to accept but to use it with its full magnitude. Today we have dozens of religious channels across the globe spreading what they preach. Even ISIS is never reluctant to make use of TV and streaming wherever possible.

We must get rid of the taboos. Killing or isolating LGBTs might comply with extended versions of religion (something that’s seldom followed today) but for sure it’s against the core of last Abrahamic religion that revolves around peace and humanity and where a single murder is analogous to abandonment of the whole lot of humanity. Islam condemns isolation and division between Muslim brotherhood, we mustn’t forget.

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