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God’s plan and thyself……Shaheen Idrees

Albert Einstein one of the greatest brains of 20th century said, “I want to know, how God created this world, I am not interested in this and that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I only want to know his thoughts. The rest are details”. Einstein who was a remarkable scientist, a great brain, having utmost  power of imagination, logic and with all his” scientific approach” could not comprehend God’s logic behind creating man, universe and binding  them in this system. Fair enough, that actually makes sense, how could God with all his almightiness can be so small to adjust in the tiniest part of a human brain. Which itself is just 20% discovered, and still mankind requires centuries of continuous research to fully discover brain functions.


Thankfully, I won’t be alive to witness all that, already seeing enough of human development in the form of havocs, he is inflicting on this world. No wait!!!!!  Who said I will be dead, I would continue to live in the form of my children, children of their children and countless many more succeeding generations to come, provided that this world continues to live and not destroyed by God’s handful of bratty kids, who like to play dangerous sports, bringing destruction to the world.


Precisely, with all the enigma associated to God, no matter how little we know about Him, one thing is for sure, when we close our eyes and think of God, the very basic attributes which come to our mind are peace and love. This feeling is same in oriental and western religions. God is paragon of love. On the other hand human psychology categorizes needs and emotions as primary and secondary. As hunger and thirst are primary motives We cannot live without. Same is with love, a basic and innate emotion, we cannot survive without loving or being loved.  Even an infant knows how to respond to love. All, what children know in their early stages is love!!! Then how come we human beings learn to hate so much that the amount of love in life is always over shadowed by it. Our lives are now being defined by this freakish sentiment, in many cases it mounts to a degree that we don’t hesitate to take lives. We have many names to give to this hatred. The earlier trace of man and the story of life starts with this, when Cain slew his brother Abel and the tale of destruction parallel to life started. Ever since, the most favourite sport of mankind has been hunting and killing fellow humans. Insanely enough, with their self justified reasons.


Culturally it is believed, you need a village to raise a child.  It’s authentic and out rightly correct. Provisionally, if you are conscious and aware how to properly raise him.  Keeping in view, what he is going to do with this world as a grown up. Instilling in him, how to cope with everything, to educate, learning to socialize and developing consciousness of rights and obligations. Goes down a long list of discerning manners in modeling a beneficial and contributing human being, let alone the need of having a support for parents when they grow old. Overall, all parents with few marginal exceptions, are conscientious enough to raise their children with the same positivity, consciousness and foster in them all the virtues of the world, that one day they could really feel proud about them. Oblivious of the fact that someone else is also eyeing on this, from a distance to choose for you, where to put the use of your endurance and sabotage all your efforts.



Right from the time of conception, what a mother in particular goes through, Painful days, sleepless nights, waiting, when she would be able to hold this piece of flesh in her hands for whom he is bearing all this agony, can fight even the most gigantic dangers of the world and could do anything possible under the sun for his safety and well being. The moment arrives,  instantaneously, it dawns on her that minor task is done, and the big one lies ahead, to shape the life of this soul into  the best possible way, transforming himself into  a worthy  human being who could be a source of happiness not only for the family but for the whole community.


So, efforts  continue with all the zeal and fervor, love, abundant patience and another round of days and nights where nothing matters but that life which you feel responsible for. And now year by year, you witness him growing. As parents sacrifice your time, comfort and happiness in providing the best of this world to that soul. Moreover, if not fortunate enough your are inhabitant of a country, where worldly gods add enough to your misery,  another sacrifice is made for that child which appears in the form of  immigration, asylum and many other formats of migration  . An extra sacrifice is added to that list. Again bearing all this happily that you are destined to perform a noble cause and these adjustments are minor part of a humongous task. Though it seems crazy but can we count the days and lives consumed in this struggle. I guess not who notices when life has so much hope to look on.


Eventually, hard work pays off. Here comes the day, Viola!!!    After years, parents have in front of themselves, handsome, intelligent, bright young man, who is ready to perform his character in this stage of Shakespearean world. Then!!!  the scene changes,  comes  seemingly very normal day when that  soul, as well taught by his parents to be  a good human being ,busy in doing what he is expected to do bowing before the will of God and his parents. All of a sudden, he is ambushed, There goes the sound of gun shots, Bang Bang Bang, somewhere in a mosque, church, temple ,gurdwara , synagogue, actually  its not important what place? What matters hatred spewed out everywhere and lies down a living body as a dead body with all the over loading goodness just becoming fodder of somebody s loathing. Mental disturbance, religious ideology, political bias, ethnic rivalry, what lies in the back ground, we over the course of time have developed a very rich and diverse terminology for that.  The fact of the matter is, in an instant, all the hard work of years, all the dreams seen in broad day light vanish.

Families gather on this family friendly beach.

Somewhere, in another part of same place, wrinkly faces, fragile human beings are waiting. Still, unaware of the apocalypse happening, drifting through the stream of thoughts, planning as normally. Contented, peaceful and somewhat tired but in a satisfied way, because they have done their duty. And nothing more is to be done, their resting days have come. It is not in their farthest of imagination, that, they have to perform the task of burying that living reality of moments ago. Now, who has the heart of breaking the news?  Shockingly, we have got one. Insanity is the by product of living in continuous turmoil.


One close friend once said, martyrdom is very sublime and triumphant but if it is in a neighbor s house. In your own house, it is just a ruthless death which takes a living being away, leaving many walking dead behind. CAUTION, don’t you dare to say this to that mother ( sabr karo sub thek ho jaay ga ), have patience everything will be alright.  This was God‘s will and finally peace and righteousness will prevail. Can anybody explain what, when, how and for whom? Look carefully this was her end without peace and the world as a whole has never seen any such thing since the beginning, and no such prediction seems viable. Well, anyway we do need that one hope to live on!!!!


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