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Dir Needs Development

By Muhammad Hussain Azad

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Dir is situated in the north area of  the province of Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa. It is comprised of two districts, Upper Dir and Lower Dir, both are thickly settled districts. There’s lots of beautiful places in Dir. It is a heaven on the earth. It is a tourism paradise. There are different beautiful mountains and peaks, attractive waterfalls, eye catching Lakes and fields.

Kumrat is very beautiful and attractive valley in Upper Dir. Besides it, Jihaz Banda, Saidgai Danda, Sky Land, Lam char, Lawari Top, Danda Top (Kadikheel Top) are also very attractive tourism spots in Upper Dir. Laram Top, Bin Shahi, Kamranai Top and Shin Ghar are the most beautiful tourism spots in Dir Lower.

Many historical places are also situated in Dir like Churchills Picket Chadara, Dir Museum, Jahndrai Museum Jahndrai Tal and different Qallas of Nawabi-Dir. These are visiting places for tourists and specially historians and researchers.

Dear readers, Kumrat is the most popular tourism spot in in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa and now, Kumrat is becoming the prime tourism spot of Pakistan. Thousands of people visiting here every year and enjoying the natural pleasant environment of Kumrat.

People of Dir are very regressed in every aspects of life. There are least business opportunities for the people. The common citizens are facing lots of problems for their livelihood. Most people prepare to go to gulf countries for the living. Large number of people migrated to other cities because of the decline of facilities. The education ratio is not satisfactory in Dir, and the infrastructure is ramshackle because of the reckless of their political representatives.

Now, on the instructions of PM Imran Khan, the KP government advertising Kumrat for the national and global tourists. As mentioned earlier that Kumrat is located in the land of Dir, so it is the right of the people of Dir to get sustentation blessings from the tourists who visits to Kumrat. The govternment has to to facilitate them, make a good infrastructure and grant the enterprise opportunities. However, here again Dir is being ignored.

KP authorities approved to build  a 114 km corridor from Kaalam to Kumrat and Jihaz Banda for 5000 million rupees. But why are  they building the road from Kalaam to Kumrat? This road needs to be built from Chakdara to Kumrat and Jihaaz Banda. It is the legal right of the people of Dir and they strongly demand it from the government. Dir wants to be developed, not desires to be the spectator of the development of different people.

If Kalaam to Kumrat road is developed, Dir will be even more depressed.

We request all of our political representatives MNAs Sahibzada Sabghatullah, Mehboob Shah, Muhammad Bashir Khanand MPAs Malak Badsha Saleh, Sahibzada Sanaullah, Inayatullah Khan, Muhammad Azam Khan, Hamayun Khan, Shafi Ullah, Bahadar Khan, Liaqat Ali Khan, to address about this issue on the ground of national and provincial assemblies. Please highlight the issues of Dir and fulfil the demands of these people who depend on you as their representatives. People expected you to do better for your constituencies, if you can’t do something in this case, the people of Dir will never forgive you, and you will be the offenders of the next generation of Dir.

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