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Two candles of peace

By Abdul Sattar

Socrates says that “unexamined life is not worth living “. Life is very complicated, complex and mysterious .there are multiples secrets hidden in this riddling phenomenon. some people take life for granted and have careless attitude towards life , but some people have a special gift and hidden potential to decode the mysteries of  life and bestowed unremarkable services to humanity in the form of literature ,art ,music, and different literary books .this literary work paves the way to coming generation to search their own truth. Some days before Dr.Khalid sohail donated me a great book “Two candles of peace “ after reading this book I impressed this literary effort and I want to share this beautiful piece of art . This book is a literary exchange of letters between two towering intellectuals Dr.Khalid sohail and Dr.Kamran ahmed . Both personalities have a same back ground as a psychiatrist and posses a wide range of experience in psychology philosophy and the common goal of peace. They have same back grounds but have different point of views in intellectual framing. They dedicated this great book to the peace lovers all over the world. This rare book is consisted upon approximate 35 literary letters and it seems that this exchange of ideas a great intellectual buffet, which have every color of knowledge, wisdom and multi experiences of life. It covers all topics of life and gives us an encyclopedic yard stick to open the secrets of life with philosophical way. This book opens our window of soul and we read different topics about spiritualities, mystic poetry, psychology of spiritual encounters, cultish personality, functions of temporal lobe and peak experiences. Both DARWESHintellectuals have a broad experience and accomplished professional career related to the study of mind complexities. These literary letters inspire us to search our own truth which relates to ourselves not others. I want to share a beautiful poem by Dr.Khalid sohail. This poem is a dream of a great humanist.

“There is inner peace and there is outer peace

There is emotional peace and there is social peace

There is religious peace and there is political peace

There is local peace and there is global peace

And we need all these colors

To create a rainbow of peace”

I have known Dr.Khalid sohail for a several years now. He is a man of knowledge, wisdom, and has a humble attitude and humility in his way of life. I have known Dr.Kamran ahmed more briefly because this new published book “Two candles of peace” and came to know about his intellectual stature and work. His work on Sufism, spirituality, religion and psychology is impressive, especially his practical work for peace and humanity in the civil society of Pakistan. This book is benefited to those who has spiritual quest in their lives. It will prove a treasure of knowledge those who want to gain the real essence of myth, philosophy and spiritual encounters. This book guides us about

1.     Psychotics encounters

2.     Mystic encounters

3.     Epileptic encounters

4.     Peak experiences

5.     Religious delusions

6.     Spiritual hallucinations

7.     Spiritual potential

8.     Spiritual grooming

I want to present very warm congratulations to both intellectuals for this great book and hopeful also that this type of literary struggle will be continued. In the end I want to share beautiful words by Dr.Khalid sohail. These magical words have magical effects to gain the real essence of wisdom and knowledge“There are as many truths as human beings and as many realities as pairs of eyes in this world”     

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