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Part – I: I confess I was that woman!

(Inspired by Protofeminist, Mary Wollstencroft)

Let me tell you a story today.

Once there were so many women on a planet. And if you’re wondering what a woman was, it was a creature with a tiny mind, one who toiled under the guidance and instruction of another species called men. And that species – mind you – was not very forgiving or compassionate, for it was superior! It was the administration and it had to see to the proper working of the planet.

So the admin-is-traitors made all the rules and just to be clear, I am sure you did not think that the tiny minds were actually obedient, did you?

Great! Because they weren’t.

They were more tired and frustrated than any other organism that had ever lived on that planet. They wanted to rebel, oppose, disobey, and perhaps cut the throats of a million of their enemies at a time!!!

But they were weak, physically and mentally. All that laboring of years and years had no doubt strengthened their muscles, but their minds were not educated. And because they were not educated, their physical strength was useless (they were unfamiliar with the logistics of cutting throats).

One day, one of them came up with an idea that could change their lives for all the upcoming millenia, an idea that could lift them higher in the eyes of men, one that could give them power and authority. And just in case you are thinking, what kind of a grand idea could ever originate from such a tiny mind? Well then, hold on to your seats, for it was this:

Man wants obedience, obedient shall I be.

Clothed in submission, and moral weakness

Will my rebellion be.

Innocence and pleasantries, Whims and follies!

Virtues polite and graceful beauties!

Sinister weapons of illegitimate power,

A vice,

uglier than mice!

And BANG! Idea was so effective that the men that were at first tyrants only, became sensualists as well. They saw and worshipped what came their way; false obedience, beauty, pleasantries, innocent follies, and gallantry. They became lovers, the most dangerous of breeds, the ones that fooled tiny minds as ministers fooled princes. The idea of rebellion had long been misconstructed into something very strange.

Meanwhile, using their right of beauty, women enjoyed the respect they received by degrading themselves in front of men, all the time thinking that they were clever, while instead they were being cleverly kept in a childish state.

They were slaves at first, now they became playthings as well. They could not realize that they had given birth to a phenomena so unnatural and sinister that all their upcoming generations and daughters would suffer. Then, these tiny minds went on to make sure that they did.

They taught their daughters knowledge of human life but not of human nature, made them disciplined but not passionate, taught them to pay attention to themselves so they may be pleasing and gallant, but did not care to add depth and vigor to their understanding and faculties. They gave them manners, but not morals.

As a result, next generations of tiny minds became prejudiced and used to of taking their own opinions on credit, and blindly submit to authority. All their senses worked with proportions and manners, and not with improving depth and understanding of their opinions. As the years passed, they became immersed in unnatural distinctions of civilized life, and became useless.

They became tiny minded, prejudiced slaves that were gallant, pretty and useless. But the story does not end here, we are yet to talk about what happens when their minds begin to think and grow?                           

(To be continued..)

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