Dialogue Times has the policy to be an impartial platform to the writers and the readership from from different diasporas and shall publish to promote Dialogue, to educate, to minimise hatred and extremism of any kind and to strengthen democratic values. 

We believe that social media has become powerful enough to be an alternative media and it must hold its freedom of expression. Therefore every writer has a write to be published unless their views promote violence, hatred or misinformation. The Dialogue Times reserves the right to decline any article, edit, alter of even take off an article after its published. The Dialogue Times also has the right to publish material submitted or its translation to its sister sites and/or its magazines. 

Dialogue Times promises to obey the legal values and takes publisher’s responsibility of the material published. The Dialogue Times may not agree with the content of an article and ultimately legal and ethical responsibility is of the writer. We invite anyone aggrieved due to any published material to send a “letter before action” to resolve the issue. Any legal proceedings against the Dialogue Times can only be brought in the courts of England & Wales. 

The content published on the Dialogue Times are property of Dialogue Times and may not be published anywhere else unless specific permission has been obtained. The Dialogue Times reserves the right to reproduce writings from other online or paper sources as guest article with giving reference of the origin. 

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